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Game Audio in Norway announces second edition of GACO (Game Audio Conference Oslo) in the end of September.

Julie Nagell Hagen

Aug 17, 2022

Newly-established Union Game Audio in Norway (GAiN) had a successful first edition of GACO in December 2021 and is now expanding with two full days in the end of September, which will include the first Game Audio Awards Show - GACO Awards.

OSLO - July 31st, 2022 - Game Audio in Norway is excited to announce its new edition of Game Audio Conference Oslo (GACO) in partnership with Norsk Filminstitute (NFI) and Soundly, sponsored by Viken Filmsenter, Raw Fury, Elias Software, Musiversal and Kaotica also with the support of Funcom, Sony Music, Virke, Hyper Games, D-Pad Studios, Snowcastle Games, Megapop, Krillbite Studios, Black Cloak Productions, Nok Nok Audio, Noneda,Media Sound Hamburg and SSSMG. The event will be hosted at Youngs Nede, right in the center of the Norwegian capital, and will count with two full days (September 29th and 30th) of talks, panels, presentations and networking. On the second day, the first GACO Awards will be held, being also the first game and interactive media audio awards show in Norway. The talks will be varied in the themes of music, sound design, implementation and best work practices to avoid burn-out and stress. The speakers will come from different parts of the world, while a few are from Norway and the Nordic countries.

Here are some quotes given from participants from GACO 2021 “GACO is a “must attend” event for anybody interested in game audio. Whether you’re an amateur looking to break into the industry or a seasoned professional, there’s something there to inspire everyone.“ - Simon Poole, sound designer and composer at Red Thread Games

“GACO was an exciting event with interesting and motivating talks! It was a natural meeting with the industry, and a fantastic arena for someone who is new.” - Maren Holm, Sound design student at Høyskolen Kristiania

Ole Torstein Hovig said “GACO was an important arena for me as a sound design-student to meet the other people part of the Norwegian Game Audio-scene. It was a great social arena, as well as an amazing place to learn a lot of new things.” - Ole Torstein Hovig, Sound design student at Høyskolen Kristiania


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About GAiN

Game Audio in Norway (GAIN) is a members-only interest organization for sound and music for video-games and interactive media. Its mission is to be a resource for information, network, representation and support for its members' creative work in the interactive media branch. Officially founded on April 21st, 2021, GAIN started as a small facebook group created by Martin Kvale, Bjarte Sebastian Hansen and Jory Prum on April 9th, 2013. Its intent was to connect game audio designers and developers in Norway and abroad in a casual way. The group was then named GAIN (Game Audio in Norway) in March 2019 and started developing into a more organized entity. After many conversations between members, Theo Nogueira and Alex Espeseth put together a proposal, which after multiple meetings with prospective members and votes came to be what GAIN is today.

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Game Audio in Norway announces second edition of GACO (Game Audio Conference Oslo) in the end of September.
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