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About GAiN     

GAiN is intended to be an interest organization that dedicates itself to representing, caring for and being open to everyone who works with, or in connection with, sound and or music for games in Norway and abroad.


GAiN’s duties and responsibilities

GAiN will dedicate itself to being a non-discriminatory interest group, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body shape, race, age and religion (and places these values ​​on its members as well)


The GAiN member’s duties and responsibilities

As a member of GAiN, you are asked to always evaluate your position and make yourself aware of the status and power you may have over others (such as being a mentor, teacher, etc.). You should not abuse your position to gain sexual or other inappropriate attention. Unwanted touching, statements that are perceived as offensive, as well as the spread of nude images, porn, racist, homophobic and other offensive material are non-acceptable offenses and should not take place.


There must always be full transparency about whether a situation is professional or private. In the case where the boundary is unclear, you have a responsibility to initiate a clarifying conversation, where the professional objective in the situation is clearly defined.


In GAiN, one should try to be respectful and inclusive in all of our interactions with others and discourage discriminatory behavior if one experiences it in others.


The consequences and procedures

GAiN is managed by its members and considering such means that in case a member breaks a rule in the code of conduct, that member will face consequences to be ruled by the board of directors. If a member of GAiN files a complaint with the board of directors that another member has broken one or more rules from this code of conduct, the board has the duty to decide whether or not the member has broken said rules. If the rules were broken, the board will vote to decide about the membership of said member. The board of directors has the power to strip a member of its membership temporarily and/or permanently if voted by a majority. If a membership is cancelled or suspended because said member has broken one or more rules in this code of conduct, the membership fee is non-refundable. Moreover, if the member accused of breaking one or more rules of this code of conduct is part of the board of directors, the other board of directors will meet without the presence of said member and make the decision without the vote count of said member.


About anonymity

If a member comes forward to a board member to file a complaint, said member’s identity will be maintained anonymous by the board of directors. No documents will list the name or any other identifiable information of said member, who will then only be identified as “Complaint Filer Member”.


Filing a Complaint

To file a complaint, a member must reach out to a board member directly, either via the email address or via discord. 



By being a member of GAiN you are agreeing to this code of conduct. If you do not agree with this code of conduct, you have the right to ask for a refund of your membership to the date you are ending it. If you would like to see other rules included or changed to this code of conduct, please send an email to

Last Updated on: October 20th, 2021

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